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Beoordeel Purper 37.5cl

Purper 37.5cl

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Barrel-aged Buckwheat Grisette with Lavender and Chokeberry

We concocted something that has "gezellig" written all over it! Purper is best described as a childhood visit to your dearest granny. Remember how she baked you pancakes with cinnamon and syrup, while her homemade apple pie was cooling in the window sill? There was an old persian rug in the hallway, small potpourri bags in her linen closet and she grew fragrant roses and lavender in her garden. All these homy scents and flavours can be found in Purper. It is a dry, mildly bitter grisette with a light malt body, intense and nostalgic aromatics and a long aftertaste. The lavender is laced through this beer in a warm, subtle way; a roselike floral presence without soapiness. One of the most remarkable beers we're releasing this year.