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Fabio Ferracane

Marsala is located on the westernmost coast of Sicily. It is a region where wine has been produced for thousands of years. The Phoenicians brought the first vines to the island, after which the Greek settlers and then the Romans reaped the rewards. An extension of this long history is Fabio Ferracane, a Sicilian winemaker who produces wines in which tradition and innovation come together. Although the region is nowadays mainly known for its sweet Marsala wines, Fabio's wines show that even more is possible. When he took over his father's business ten years ago – a childhood dream come true – he decided to continue wine production with a similar philosophy. His father produced small-scale for family and friends; the rest of the harvest went to other winemakers in the region. Nothing was added to these wines: natural wine avant la lettre. Fortunately for us, Fabio Ferracane's wines are intended for a wider audience.


Fabio produces his wines in the same way, with minimal additions and with the necessary care for soil and nature. As an oenologist, he has been able to implement his knowledge over the past ten years and further develop production methods where necessary. Fabio’s wines tell the story of a peasant history, from a time that has mostly been forgotten. Central to his philosophy is the connection between the land, the weather and the climate. Right next to the vines, bordering the sea, are the characteristic salt pans of Marsala, which give a fine and distinctive saltiness to the wine. The soil on which the grapes grow consists mainly of limestone and partly of clay, on which he grows both indigenous (Catarratto and Nero d'Avola) and exotic (Merlot) grapes. They are wines with a strong character, typical of the region and terroir.

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