Welkom bij Rebel Wines! Ben je ouder dan 18 jaar?


Want to know your Carbos from your Col Fondos? Your Unfiltered from your Uninfined? Your Pét-Nats from your Skin Contacts? Your Amphora from your Whole Bunch? Or you just want to find your next Glou-Glou wine for the weekend - Natural Born Sippers is the place for you! Our Rebel Team are wine gurus with a passion for sharing our high-quality wines from small independent producers.

On most Thursdays we host the Natural Born Sippers tasting in our De Pijp shop. Each edition revolves around a different theme, within which we open our favorite wines. On most occasions we are collaborating with a chef or company to provide you with great food and snacks, of course paired well with the open bottles. Join us for an entertaining Thursday evening, and get to know our wines in the most fun way possible.

Who, What, Where, When & Why:

- NBS kicks off at 6 pm and goes 'til 10pm. You can drop at any time.
- On every edition we either have a guest chef / food pop-up, or provide snacks/dishes ourselves
- €15 for the 6-wine tasting
- 10% off every purchase after the tasting


Upcoming Natural Born Sippers tastings:




Thursday 20th of June



Stop what you're doing!

Get ready for the next Natural Born Sippers event. This time it's Tony from Anton's, cooking up an Austrian storm - Käsespätzle- and it is our job to find the perfect wines to match. 

Come by on Thursday the 20thth of June to sip on some vibrant wines and enjoy the flavours of Austria.



- Thursday 16th of May.
- 18-22:00
- €15 euros for entrance fee and a tasting of 6 wines